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Question: What is the simplest water filter I can buy?

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Here's a question we hear often: "What is the simplest water filter I can buy?"

We got asked that question, again, just the other day and it once again shocked us that someone would first think of simplicity rather than efficiency and effectiveness when considering a water filter purchase, but after a few minutes of reflection on the matter it all made sense. Not everyone NEEDS a super-duper, high powered water scrubber so why NOT go with the simplest and easiest water filter they can find.

Our answer to them of COURSE included a statement about at least performing basic testing to find out 1) if they even need a filter and 2) if a simple filter will do what needs to get done so they can enjoy safer, cleaner water.

Keeping things as simple as possible, though, we think faucet filters offer the most bang for the buck by providing filtered water literally... on tap.

Faucet filters typically cost the least, can transfer from faucet to faucet (in the case of moving or rental properties), do not take much to install and do not take up much space at all.

To their discredit, though -- since fairness matters -- some faucet filters can greatly diminish water flow rates, they only filter water from a single source (one faucet, tap, etc. at a time) and some faucet filters have replaceable filter elements whose replacement costs can add up over the years.

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