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PFAS in Drinking Water.... You Can Test YOUR Water for Them Easily

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In today's post we would like to introduce you to a company that offers testing for PFAS in drinking water and promises roughly a 2-week turnaround time for testing... plus free shipping of the kit to customers and of customers' water samples to their laboratory for testing.

Tap Score Water Testing Package for PFAS -- For more information, is a great place to start.

Although companies in the United States have voluntarily stopped using PFAS when manufacturing new products, some goods imported from outside the United States still may contain them AND since PFAS have an incredibly long lifespan once released into the environment, even ones released a long time ago still pose a potential danger to water sources -- and in turn human health.

If you fear potential contamination of YOUR water supply by PFAS the only way to know for sure is to test have your water tested for PFAS. Tap Score can help and the link associated with this posting will take you right to their PFAS testing kit information page.

So... Should YOU test for PFAS in your water supply?  Depends on a couple of things, really.

  • Are you on a public water supply? -- If your water comes from a public or municipal water system then you probably have access to annual water testing results simply by contacting your local water company.  If those test reports show 'safe' levels or no levels of PFAS the more than likely you do not need to test for water for PFAS.
    It would be wise, though, to always pay attention to those results when they get mailed out or posted each year and also to pay attention to any local news stories that may come out about potential PFAS contamination in your area.
  • Are you on well water? -- Since no government body will go out to your house and force you to test the quality of your well water, responsibility for the quality of that water falls directly into YOUR hands.  If you have heard ANY news reports of potential PFAS contamination in your area we would suggest having your water tested for PFAS... and keep in mind that depending on the depth of your well, a neighbor's positive or negative tests results for PFAS may not have any bearing on how your water's test results for PFAS may turn out.
  • Did you hear of PFAS contamination in your area? -- If you saw news stories talking about PFAS contaminating drinking water in your area, we suggest testing you water for PFAS.