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Avoiding & Preventing Getting Sick from... Cryptosporidium

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Warm weather woes... include swimming and frolicking in cool, refreshing swimming pools.

Wait, what? How is that a PROBLEM?!?!?

Well, I'll tell you: SOME people just DON'T understand a little 'bug' called Cryptosporidium, abbreviated as Crypto and insist on going swimming while having or after recently having had bouts of diarrhea. You see, Crypto germs can survive in properly chlorinated pool water for as long as a week and typically get into pool water by way of introduction by an infected host, meaning a person afflicted with the symptoms that Crypto can cause... namely profuse, watery diarrhea.

Even if a person has not had bouts of diarrhea for a day or so, the germs may reside in their body for longer and also on their skin if they have not bathed recently or since their last bout.

Moral of the story? Wash your a-double-s-es, people, and in no particular order...

* If you have had diarrhea recently, stay out of and away from the water! Crypto germs may persist in a person's system for a while after the last diarrhea incident takes place

* Shower before and after your swimming sessions. This will help keep unwanted germs from entering the water and germs that may be in the water from lingering on you after a swim.

* This should be an OBVIOUS one, but don't use the swimming pool as your personal bathroom! Gross!

* Avoid swallowing pool water. Think about where that water may have been recently!

* Take kids to the bathroom periodically because left to their own devices many children would rather pee in place (right there in the water!) than miss out on an exciting round of Marco Polo.

* For those with even smaller children, make sure your tiny swimmers have properly fitting swim diapers and not just a regular diaper. Change the diapers in a location not near the swimming area and please do so before the diapers look as though they may burst!

* Wash hands after using the bathroom.

OK, OK, so how sick can Crypto make a person? Hmmm... In a word, VERY.

For those unlucky enough to get sick from Crypto, symptoms may include seriously large volumes of watery diarrhea that could keep flowing for as long as three weeks! As added bonuses dehydration, fever, nausea, vomiting and resultant weight loss also come with a round of Crypto infection.

So NO, you DON'T want to contract Crypto. End of story.

Have a great and safe Summer, everyone!

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