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Deluxe Radiological Water Test by National Testing Laboratories

  • Deluxe Radiological Water Test Kit, National Testing Laboratories, Deluxe Radiological Water Testing, NTL Labs Standard Deluxe Water Test
  • Deluxe Radiological Water Test Kit, National Testing Laboratories, Deluxe Radiological Water Testing, NTL Labs Standard Deluxe Water Test
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Product Description

Deluxe Radiological water testing package includes testing for Uranium, Gross Alpha, Gross Beta, Radon, Radium 226 and Radium 228. Uranium is a naturally occurring element that is considered mildly radioactive. Uranium is present in most soils at a couple of parts per million, but can be much higher in certain rock formations. Uranium is known to cause problems with kidney toxicity and potentially some forms of cancer. The EPA has established a maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 30 parts per billion for uranium in drinking water. Radon is a gas that can accumulate in groundwater. It is a health concern because it can be released into the air and when inhaled is known to cause lung cancer. The EPA does not currently regulate radon in water. Gross alpha particles emit radiation due to unstable atoms and include isotopes such as uranium 238, radium 226, radon 222 and thorium 232. The EPA has established an MCL of 15 Piccocuries (pCi) per liter for gross alpha. Beta particles are subatomic particles emitted from radioactive atoms. Beta particles are equivalent to electrons and have a charge of negative one. Radium is a radioactive element which has 25 different isotopes with only four that occur in nature. Of those naturally occurring isotopes radium 226 is the most commonly occurring with the others being radium 228, radium 224 and radium 223. Radium 226 is a decay product of Uranium 238, so high levels of Uranium may be accompanied by higher levels of radium 226. For a complete list of items this water testing analyzes, click on the Information Sheet below.

Unsure how to take a proper water sample?  These sampling instructions for testing for uranium, gross alpha & beta, radon radium 226 and radium 228 in your water should help.

This National Testing Laboratories Kit ships FREE to locations in the United States via UPS Ground.

How long does testing typically take?

That depends entirely on the testing you request.  As a general rule, however, test results get emailed to you in less than 12 to 14 business days.

Will I have to pay any other laboratory or testing fees?

No.  The listed cost of each test kit includes all fees associated with the actual testing of your water sample(s).

What does shipping samples to the laboratory cost?

You will need to pay for the shipping of your sample(s) to the laboratory for testing.

For all samples requiring bacteria testing you will need to make sure the sample arrives at the laboratory within 24 hours after collection or the lab may not get an accurate bacteria count in the water.

When last we checked, overnight shipping to a National Testing Labs facility from anywhere in the Continental United States costs between $35 and $60.  You will need to pay the shipping directly to your chosen carrier (i.e. UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS).

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