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Vinyl Chloride Testing in Air and Water.... but What About Chloramines?

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This morning we heard from 'Steve', a gentleman who had previously asked us by email about testing for vinyl chloride in air and water.  In our initial reply we informed him that  National Testing Laboratories offered several mail-in water testing packages that included a test for vinyl chloride in water.

WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine Test Strip

Steve said, " Thanks for your information concerning the test of vinyl chloride in water and the air. It gives me a place to inquire about that testing. I have an indoor pool that is separated from my home by 12 inch walls, but entrance to the pool room only has insulated atrium doors. I have been in this house for 20+ years and recently I have developed some health problems that doctors are stumped over the cause. I read that vinyl chloride can be a problem depending on the concentration at 2 parts per million or more. I was thinking maybe my vinyl pool liner and/or vinyl pool cover are the problem?!"

Good morning, Steve, and we are very sorry to hear that your inquiry with us has its root in health problems.  We have not heard of pool liners or covers causing health issues or problems, but then again we do not know everything -- especially when it comes to health matters.

We DO, however, know that health experts have long suspected chloramines (often referred to as combined chlorine) as potential causes of minor and sometimes serious respiratory issues since they off gas (come out of the water and go into the air)... and in the case of indoor pools they can accumulate in the air above and around the pool.

The above possibility, of course, assumes you use chlorine as your primary sanitizer. If so, then to determine the chloramine concentration in your pool water you need to test for free chlorine and total chlorine and subtract the free chlorine concentration from the total chlorine concentration. The resulting value is the combined chlorine concentration in your pool water.

Total Chlorine - Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine (AKA: Chloramines)

The  WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine test strip detects both free and total chlorine concentrations at the same time.


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SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check
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SenSafe Total Chlorine Test Strips
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WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine
WaterWorks 2
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