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Does Rainwater Runoff Affect Groundwater?

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We recently received an inquiry from a grade school student who asked if rainwater affects groundwater.

Rainwater hits the ground and then passes across all sorts of different surfaces and carries with it any and all sorts of contaminants that it encounters. The list of contaminants may include byproducts from industry like chemicals and heavy metals as well as byproducts from agriculture like nitrates, nitrites and coliform bacteria.

Eventually that water makes its way downhill, downstream and down into the ground. Sure, it generally takes a long time for water to make its way down through cracks in the Earth to depths where aquifers exist and the soil it passes through does provide a level of filtration, but some contaminants can and will slither their way into aquifers.

Curious to learn what sort of contaminants may lurk in YOUR well water? If so, you can perform general water screenings for simple contaminants with do-it-yourself home water test kits from companies like WaterSafe, SenSafe and WaterWorks or for more in-depth analysis for possible well water contaminants you can use mail-in WaterCheck testing packages from National Testing Laboratories.

No matter which testing route you choose, some testing ALWAYS beats no testing and in case you did not know, well water experts encourage well owners to test their water for basic contaminants annually and after any natural events like heavy rains or flooding.

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