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Bleach Water Testing in Daycare and Childcare Facilities

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Surfaces and toys in childcare and daycare facilities see an awful lot of contact over the course of a day and must get wiped down with sanitizing and disinfecting solutions frequently. Did you know that in some states laws require the facilities to test the concentrations of those sanitizing and disinfecting solutions? As an example, North Carolina requires daycare and childcare facilities to keep their chlorine sanitizer solutions (commonly referred to as bleach water) within specific concentration ranges.

Sanitizing solutions should have a free chlorine concentration between 50ppm and 200ppm while disinfecting solutions should have a free chlorine concentration between 500ppm and 800ppm.

Testing of the bleach water solutions should take place at least once a day and the WaterWorks Ultra High Range II Free Chlorine Test Strip (product number 480124) makes that testing VERY easy.

Just dip the strip, wait for a really short amount of time (like just a few seconds) and then compare the color of the test pad to the color chart on the bottle.

Looking for the best bargain? The NC Daycare Kit / NC Childcare Kit contains 3 x bottles of 100 tests plus a measuring cup and an instruction sheet for use in making sanitizing & disinfecting solutions. For information on this kit check out the following link!