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Arsenic Test Kits for Community Testing?

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Earlier today we received an email from 'Irma' asking, "I see your small test kits have only 5 tests.  We want to do a neighborhood wide testing program but getting it all done will take a while.  Does the 100-test version have shelf-life long enough for 2 or 3 months worth of testing or will we need to buy smaller kits each time we go to do more testing of neighbors' well water?"

Thank you for the inquiry, Irma, and we are glad to see that you and others in your area have taken an interest in monitoring arsenic levels in local well water.  Many people do not think it can happen to them, but arsenic can creep into a water supply without notice and without giving any indication it exists until people start showing symptoms of arsenic poisoning or folks like yourselves take initiative and test periodically.

Regarding the shelf-life of the 100-test version of the Arsenic Quick Test Kit (MPN 481396), the reagents and strips will definitely have plenty of shelf-life for you to perform testing over a period of 2 or 3 months.  Typically those kits do not ship with less than 6 months' worth of shelf-life and quite often they ship with a year or more's worth of shelf-life.

Arsenic Quick Test Kit -- 100 Tests -- MPN: 481396