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Arsenic Test Kits (Arsenic Quick)

The USEPA set the MCL for dissolved arsenic at 10ppb (parts per billion) and all products in the Arsenic Quick™ line of arsenic test kits can detect that concentration and lower.  Additionally, all Arsenic Quick™ water test kits require no special equipment, require less than 15 minutes to perform a test, and do not require the persons doing the testing to possess a degree in chemistry or advanced training.

  • All Arsenic Quick test kits use methodolgy based on EPA/ETV Test Verified chemistry
  • Test kits use food grade tartaric acid and feature a fast, easy test procedure

Well water that contains arsenic typically will not have a discernible taste, smell or color... so only testing for arsenic in well or drinking water will let you know whether or not the water from your well contains dissolved arsenic, a semi-metal that if consumed can cause both immediate harm and long-term harm.  For more information on arsenic in drinking water, please check out the Arsenic in Water section of the Water Testing Blog.