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Warmer Weather Means Something to Pool Owners

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Warmer weather means something for pool owners... BESIDES getting to enjoy their backyard oasis more.

It also means evaporation. As pool water warms it also evaporates quicker so keep an eye on the water level because if water dips below the skimmer line your pump may start sucking air and if that happens for too long, well, time to buy a new pump & motor!

One way to reduce the amount of pool water evaporation is to use a solar cover, also known as a solar cover/blanket. By reducing the amount of exposed pool water surface -- especially at night when the air temperature drops down below the pool water temperature -- you can drastically reduce the amount of water that the environment sucks out of your pool.

An added benefit of solar covers.blankets is that they also let you 'trap' some of the heat imparted to your pool water by the sun during the day... meaning your water will stay nice and warm for the next day's swim!

For more information on pool solar covers/blankets as well as solar cover/blanket reels to make using your solar cover/blanket easier, Pool Zone has a great selection of covers to fit all sorts of shapes and styles of swimming pools.

Aren't solar covers and solar blankets HEAVY?

We will not lie and say they're the lightest things in the world, but with the proper solar cover reel or solar cover blanket  reel practically anyone can apply and remove a solar cover/blanket in a matter of minutes.

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Bleach Water Testing in Daycare and Childcare Facilities

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Difference Between Arsenic Quick & Arsenic Low Range Quick

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Arsenic Test Kits for Community Testing?

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Where Did the MTBE Come From?

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Water Metals Testing Bundle

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Does Rainwater Runoff Affect Groundwater?

We recently received an inquiry from a grade school student who asked if rainwater affects groundwater. Rainwater hits the ground and then passes across all sorts of different surfaces and carries with it any and all sorts of contaminants that it encounters. The list of contaminants may include byproducts from industry like chemicals and heavy metals as [...]

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