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Do You Offer a 'Complete' Kit with Arsenic Test?

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This morning's inquiry came from 'Toby' who asked, "Do you have a test that is the "complete" test and includes arsenic? Or is that two separate kits that need to be purchased? I would like to test the well water at the barn we board at. Thank you!"

Good afternoon. At this time we do not offer a combination of kits that include arsenic. Our MOST 'complete' kit is actually the  Water Quality Test Kit which adds lead and pesticides to the COMPLETE Kit.

Moving forward, though, you have given us a great idea.  Look for the Water Test Kit Store to begin adding new water test kit bundles similar to what you have suggested and similar to those we have already created (such as the Metals Testing Bundle, Well Water Testing Bundle and Chlorine Testing Bundle) in the near future.

WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality
Test Kit - 13 Parameters
COMPLETE Kit w/ Lead and Pesticide Tests
COMPLETE Water Test Kit
w/ Lead & Pesticide Tests