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Testing for Vinyl Chloride in Drinking Water

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This morning we received an email from 'DanF' who asked, "Interested in having water samples tested for vinyl chloride. Would like to have a sample from tap and one from filtered tested. As well as some of the more common contaminant tests. Thanks."

Hello, Dan, and thank you for your inquiry. At this time we do not know of an at-home water test kit capable of detecting vinyl chloride, but we do know that National Testing Laboratories offers mail-in water testing services that include vinyl chloride detection. Links to two of their capable products to follow:




Note:  NTL typically sends water test results back to its customers via email in approximately 10 business days.

What is Vinyl Chloride and How Does It Get Into Drinking Water?

Vinyl chloride is a colorless organic gas with a sweet odor. It is used in the manufacture of numerous products in buildings and construction, the automotive industry, electrical wire insulation and cables, piping, industrial and household equipment, medical supplies, and is depended upon heavily by the rubber, paper, and glass industries.

In other words, you can find potential sources of vinyl chloride all around you, but thankfully industry USUALLY keeps a close eye on its supplies and tries hard to minimize leaks of vinyl chloride into the environment.

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Testing for THM's (Trihalomethanes) & Water Filters for THM's

We recently heard from 'Brad' who emailed, "Looking to test for THMs."Thank you, Brad, for the inquiry.  At this point we know of no at-home water test kit exists that test for THM's (trihalomethanes) or other DBP's (disinfection byproducts).  Testing for those sorts of substances/compounds requires laboratory techniques and equipment.With that said, companies like National [...]

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WaterWorks Water Hardness Test Strips: Can These Get Used for Pool Water?

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Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit: Can It Work With Aquarium Water?

'Tina' recently asked, "Can I use the hydrogen sulfide test kit you sell on aquarium water?  What about saltwater aquariums?" Thank you, Tina, for your question about the Hydrogen Sulfide Low-Range Test Kit (481197-20) and its testing capabilities for aquarium water.  The test CAN get used for aquarium water, yes, but only freshwater samples.

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Question Regarding Expiration Dates

We recently heard from 'BadgerWI', who asked,  "I have some water hardness test strips from an earlier purchase from your company.  The expiration date on that bottle is fourth-quarter 2014.  Can you help me understand-are the strips worthless or are they going to give an accurate reading?" Thank you for the question.  Our current inventory (as of [...]

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Testing for Specific Metals

With all the talk in the news about lead in drinking water, arsenic in well water, and other unpleasant water contaminants 'suddenly and unexpectedly' popping up in our potable water supplies, it came as no surprise to us when 'William' emailed us and said, " I'm interested in what type of tests you provide for heavy [...]

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Question Regarding Free Bromine Testing Using DPD-1

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Does Heavy Metals Check Test for Nickel?

We recently got asked if the  SenSafe Heavy Metals Check product detect Nickel... and it does, but with the following caveat:  This product DOES detect nickel, but at the same time it also detects other metals and therefore provides a combined reading of all metals it detects. Example: If the sample contained 60ppb dissolved nickel, 40ppb [...]

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Question Regarding WaterSafe Lead in Water Test Kit

This morning we received a simple inquiry from a potential (Water Test Kit Store on) Amazon customer who asked, "Does this kit test for particulate lead or just dissolved lead?" We checked with the WaterSafe and learned the following: According to the manufacturer, "Our Watersafe┬« Lead Test Kit can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action [...]

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