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Do you have filters for lead in drinking water?

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This morning we received an inquiry from 'Jeenah' who asked, " Do y'all sell filters for lead?  Our city says we have lead in our water so we want it gone cuz of our kids."

Whether the news that you have a contaminant in your drinking water comes from your local water company, a lab report from a water quality testing laboratory or an at-home water test, the news still stinks and more than likely you want to remedy the situation as quickly, easily and affordably as possible.

Different classifications of water filtration units: POE vs. POU

When it comes to filtering your water, you may choose to do so at the point of entry (POE) so that all water outlets in your home or building have the same filtered water coming out of them.  Whole house water filtration systems fall into this category and work best for folks who routinely consume water from more than one faucet in their dwelling.

Whole house filters typically require professional installation and may perform tasks as simple as softening water (reducing water hardness caused by calcium and magnesium) and as difficult as reducing unwanted levels of arsenic, lead, volatile organic contaminants (VOC's), disinfection byproducts (such as THM'S), etc.

For examples of whole house point of entry water filters, check out  budget (smaller) whole house water filterslarge whole house water filters and whole house water filters designed specifically for well water on FilterWater.Com.

In situations like renting an apartment where installing a whole building system simply cannot happen, point of use water (POU) filters work quite well.  Options for point of use water filtration systems include filtering at the tap with a  counter top water filter or under counter water filter, at the shower head or with a water pitcher filter.

OK, but what about filtering out lead?

Companies like  Propur have their water filtration devices tested against NSF standards and publicize the results to make it easier for consumers to decide whether or not they should buy from them.  As an example, below you will find links to several of the test results for Propur water filters and yes, the results do include data for the reduction of dissolved lead in water.

For the  ProPur Inline Connect FS10 Under Counter Water Filter...

For the  ProPur ProMax PMC-4000 Undercounter Water Filter...

For the  ProPur ProMax PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filter...

For the  ProPur ProMax PM-9000H Chrome Shower Filter w/ Massage Wand...

Propur PMC-3000 Countertop Water Filter
Propur PMC-3000
Countertop Water Filter
Propur PMC-4000 Undercounter Water Filter
Propur PMC-4000
Undercounter Water Filter
Propur ProMax PM-9000H Chrome Shower Filter w/ Massage Wand
Propur ProMax PM-9000H
Chrome Shower Filter
with Massage Wand

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